List of adopted companies in FY2022

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List of adopted companies in FY2021

Challenge 1: Toyota Industries Corporation Theme
Industrial Development in Aichi Prefecture through Digital Transformation
~Solving Social Issues through the Use of Autonomous Mobile Robot "AiR"~
Company Name Location Outline of Idea
OnClouds Nakamura, Nagoya City Verifying a robot collaborating platform by using AiR
H3 Dynamics Holdings Singapore Using AiR for building interior inspection
Challenge 2: Handa City Theme
Co-creation of a sustainable municipal policy model by diverse players for a declining population
~Co-creation of a sustainable municipal management model in a society with a declining population~
Company Name Location Outline of Idea
YAOTOMI Handa City Industrial branding with food in KURACITY Handa
Lyves Hatcher Singapore Improving the learning efficiency and individually optimizing through Visualization of students' psychological state by AI
ListenField Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City Using data to improve planting and harvesting efficiency
Hishab Japan Sapporo, Hokkaido Fully automated call-handling service with AI conversation engine
Challenge 3: NGK Spark Plug Co., LTD. Theme
Creating a community where everyone can thrive throughout their lives with high levels of well-being
~Optimizing the detection of and the support for young caregivers through IT to improve the well-being of Aichi Prefecture's residents~
Company Name Location Outline of Idea
Unirobot Shibuya Ward, Tokyo Dialogue with AI helps understanding young caregivers mental state to prevent their disorders and detecting them at an early stage
SoundEye Singapore Reducing the burden on caregivers with monitoring the elderly people by detecting abnormal sounds
Opsis Singapore Early detection of people requiring support, such as those with dementia, also visualizing the mental state of young caregivers through facial expression analysis

List of companies adopted in FY2020

Challenge 1: Asahi Tekko's Theme
Serious DX" from Aichi Prefecture, a manufacturing center
Company Name Location Outline of Idea
Y4.COM Inc. Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City Utilizing wearable devices and other IoT devices to promote health management Singapore Optimizing cutting conditions and improving the quality inspection efficiency with AI as a Service strengths in image recognition and language processing
CAWIL.AI Philippines AI as a Service specializing in image recognition (tagging/automation, etc.) to improve efficiency of quality inspections, etc.
Challenge 2: Aisin Seiki Theme
Building a new mobility ecosystem and business model
Company Name Location Outline of Idea
Specified Nonprofit Corporation Nagaiku Nagakute City Using the Mobility of huge parks for childcare and remote working.
Yajantech Taiwan Creating new customer experience services with Mobility x AR/VR
Aimatix (Co-adopted with Theme 4) Singapore Developing the service to automate and efficiently moving of people and luggage transportation in airports.
Challenge 3: Minamichita Town Theme
Creation of a new model of living in the world, city and region, modeled on Minamichita Town
Company Name Location Outline of Idea
Yaotomi Corporation Nishi Ward, Nagoya City Creating a major industry of organic vegetables in Minami-Chita by building a system for mass production of high-functional vegetables using technologies
ANA Holdings, Inc. Minato Ward, Tokyo Creating a new model for creating a related population by combining the company assets with local governments
Uniadex, Inc. Koto-ku, Tokyo Creating a new lifestyle model with COVID-19 society in Minamichita Town, including the conversion vacant houses into remote working places and community centers, also utilizing their data.
Qlue. Indonesia Establish a smart city digital PF in Minami-Chita which available to residents can collect the real-time data status of the town (traffic, aging infrastructure, etc.),
Challenge 4: Central Japan International Airport Theme
Pursuing the possibilities of a Smart Sustainable City based on the airport
Company Name Location Outline of Idea
Power Wave (Plans to start a business from Toyohashi University of Technology) Toyohashi, Aichi Challenging the social implementation of wireless power transfer systems can be used for robots in airports.
H2L Minato Ward, Tokyo Developing a tourism experience service using Body Sharing technology that provides transmitting a body movement at distance.
Aimatix (Co-adopted with Theme 2) Singapore Developing the service to automate and efficiently moving of people and luggage transportation in airports.